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Plasma Accumulations of Vitamin B6 from an Oral Dose in a New Reversible Model for Mouse Gut Injury and Regeneration

Author(s): Pilar Jiménez | Damián Cordoba-Diaz | Patricia Cabrero | Mónica Aracil | Manuel J. Gayoso | Manuel Garrosa | Manuel Cordoba-Diaz | Tomás Girbés

Journal: Food and Nutrition Sciences
ISSN 2157-944X

Volume: 04;
Issue: 09;
Start page: 908;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Vitamin B6 | Nigrin b | Ribosome-Inactivating Protein | Sambucus | Ricin | Intestines | Mice Model

Chemically based rodent models are used to assess the positive effects promoted by foods and gut microbiota on gut health. Lectins with enzymatic activity, such as type 2 ribosome-inactivating proteins, might also prove useful for exploring these issues. Sub-lethal doses of the lectin nigrin from Sambucus nigra L. to mice promoted reversible derangement of gut epithelium by induction of apoptosis of transit amplifying cells of the small intestine crypts in a time-dependent course. The present work seeks to study vitamin B6 accumulation in plasma from an oral bolus in a mouse nigrin model. 24 h after sub-lethal nigrin b treatment, there was clear body weight reduction associated to a notable increase in Evan’s blue stain accumulation in excised small intestine, an increase in myeloperoxidase activity, and a near 50% reduction in plasma accumulation of vitamin B6. Histological analysis of small intestine sections of nigrin b-treated animals also revealed significant derangement of intestinal crypts. Seventy two hours after nigrin b treatment, stain uptake decreased and vitamin B6 accumulation was almost restored despite villi derangement. Large intestine crypts were scarcely or not at all affected. Eight days after nigrin b treatment, vitamin B6 uptake and intestinal crypt structure had fully recovered. The nigrin b mice model supports the view that, under these conditions, the carrier-mediated vitamin B6 uptake component of the small intestine crypts is probably the most active when the vitamin is administered orally as a bolus. The findings provide insights into the suitability of the present mice model for nutritional or drug absorption studies in conditions of partially altered or injured intestinal mucosa.
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