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Author(s): Vaidotas Matutis

Journal: Social and Natural Sciences Journal
ISSN 1804-4158

Volume: 2;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: iNvestments Safety | Evaluation System | Government Forms | Ideology Scale | Politological Frame | Democracy | Ideology.

In this paper we discussing about the potential threats to theinvestments safety evaluation system, creating the model ofthe system analysis methods when a new political conceptis raised in the country. Traditionally, as we already knowthat politic and economic are inextricably linked. We caneasily assure in it using the historical overview of the politicaland economic interactions. So the question: how theinvestment safeties are depending from political environmentwhen a new political concept is raised in the country?Become actual and important. The method assumptionssuggested and discussed in this paper are made accordingto the summaries of public surveys and research results ofsociologists, political scientists and psychologists of differentcountries. These summaries are made analyzing the surveyand research results systematically and separately from thevariety of their initial objectives. We construct the dimensionalframe of references combining the time axes, governmentforms scale, ideology scale and call they Politological systemof axis. It help to us show that if a new political concept israised in the country, it will be supported and developed bythe majority of society members only if its political-ideologicalessence is possible to show in the chosen politological frameof reference and the point are possible to mark in the areaof the most typical structures of the statistical division of thesociety individuals' approaches at the set point of time andthe deviance of this concept is not forecast in the nearestfuture. The methods we are discussing provide thespecialists with the opportunity to evaluate the possibilitiesof inside threats to the investments safety still in the politicalconcept raising process and its political-ideological core. Tosummarize this discussion, we can make once moreconclusion as following: the main threat to the investmentssafety after the new political concept raising is the prejudiceof the social characters' majority. Such graphic and manysidedreflection of the analyzed and summarized politological researches shows the perspective forecasts and assumptions of the formulated political and economicalanalytics.
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