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Population Dynamics of Jellyfish Aurelia aurita (s.l.) in Sihwa Lake

Author(s): Hyun-pyo Hong | Chang-hoon Han | Jeong-kyu Yoo

Journal: Ocean and Polar Research
ISSN 1598-141X

Volume: 35;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 205;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Aurelia aurita | Sihwa lake | population dynamics | mortality | short occurrence

We investigated the population dynamics of Aurelia aurita in Sihwa Lake from April to October in 2009. Salinity ranged from 5.9 to 30.7 psu at the surface. Abundance of mesozooplankton ranged from 3 to 111,874 indiv. m−3. Ephyrae occurred from April to May with the peak in abundance occurring on 17 April. Maximum density of ephyrae was observed near the power transmission towers that are known to be habitats of polyps. Mortality of ephyrae was lower than in other areas because of the abundant prey concentration and the absence of predators. Young medusae occurred from April to July with the peak in abundance occurring on 8 May. Adult medusae occurred from May to July with the peak in abundance on 25 June and they disappeared before the rainy season. Planula occurred only in May and June with the peak in abundance on 25 June. Growth rates of Aurelia aurita ranged from −0.06 to 0.34 d−1, and decreased rapidly after May. The period in which adult medusa occurred was restricted, compared with those in other area in Korea (e.g., Masan Bay) and Japan (e.g., Tokyo Bay). In the period of this study, the available food was limited in June and salinity decreased to ca. 20 psu in May because of the beginning of the wet season. We assumed that the exceptionally short period of occurrence of the medusa may be a response of adults to changes in temperature, salinity or food limitation which leads to the precocious maturation of young medusa and the release of planula and that the brief occurrence of medusa was caused by an abrupt decrease in activity after the release of planula.
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