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Prenatal tactics of ultrasonographic examination of the fetus in early pregnancy

Author(s): Shahnoza Kamalidinova

Journal: European Medical, Health and Pharmaceutical Journal
ISSN 1804-5804

Volume: 4;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Pregnancy | Fetal Defects | Algorithm of Diagnosis | Ultrasound Examination

To study defects and chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus, we retrospectively analyzed results of comprehensivedynamic survey of 26,404 pregnant women aged 1850years old at 6 to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Of them, 25,956 (98.3%)women had physiological course of pregnancy, 448 (1.7%) women had abnormal pregnancy. For the diagnosis of fetaldefects, we carried out ultrasound, biochemical, invasive and cytogenetic studies. The results of study showed that themajority of fetal defects and pathological course of pregnancy was noted in women at the age of 2125years old, since atthis age period women have the highest number of pregnancies. At the older age, we noted a gradual decrease in thenumber of pregnant women, as well as the number of abnormalities of the fetus. Based on the analysis of the resultsobtained, we have developed an algorithm for early fetal ultrasound examination. In order to exclude nondevelopingpregnancy and intrauterine fetal death, as well as for early diagnosis of fetal defects, we recommend screening women inthe first trimester of pregnancy.
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