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生物形态多孔分级结构氧化锡纳米材料的制备研究 Preparation of Biomorphic Porous Hierarchical SnO2 Nanomaterials

Author(s): 位莉 | 苏慧兰 | 宋钫 | 文元振 | 张荻

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 22;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 多孔分级结构;氧化锡;遗态材料;花粉 | 多孔分级结构;氧化锡;遗态材料;花粉

利用生物模板(油菜花粉)自身的分级结构,以四氯化锡酒精溶液为前躯体,通过搅拌、清洗、干燥、碳化、煅烧等简单有效的处理方法制得了与油菜花粉内部结构相似的三维有序多孔结构氧化锡纳米材料。采用XRD、FESEM、HRTEM测试手段,从结构、组织和成分方面,对天然生物材料和不同煅烧温度下(300℃、400℃、500℃)所制备的氧化锡遗态材料进行了对比研究,并详细阐述了模板复制过程及生物模板在遗态材料合成过程中的作用。In this work, three-dimensional well-organized SnO2 with porous hierarchy has been successfully synthesized by using pollen grains as the biotemplate and SnCl4-ethanol solution as the precursor. A series of simple and effective procedures, such as stirring, rinsing, drying, carbonizing, calcinations, etc, were employed. XRD, FESEM, and HRTEM analysis were carried out to investigate the structures and compositions of original pollen grains and the final products calcinated at different temperatures (300℃,400℃, and 500℃). A detailed explanation is given on the biotemplating synthesis of porous hierarchical SnO2 nanomaterials.
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