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Preparation and Corrosion Resistance of TiCN/Al Composite Foil for Capacitor

Author(s): PAN Ying-Jun, XUAN Shen-Zhu, TAN Mi, ZHOU Qing-Chun

Journal: Journal of Inorganic Materials
ISSN 1000-324X

Volume: 25;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 975;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: multi-arc ion plating | capacitor | aluminum foil | corrosion resistance

A new TiCN/Al composite foil for capacitor negative applications was prepared by multi-arc ion plating method. The effects of cooling process and flow ratio of C2H2 to N2 for deposition on specific capacitance were investigated. The polarization curves were measured for TiCN/Al composite foil and traditional etching aluminum foil and their corrosion resistance were compared and discussed. Specific capacitance of TiCN/Al composite foil obtained is as high as 1600μF/cm2 which is over two times higher than that of the aluminum foil prepared using the traditional etching process. The TiCN/Al composite foil shows a wide range of stable passivation zone in the capacitor electrolyte solution and its corrosion resistance is significantly higher than that of the aluminum foil fabricated by the traditional etching process.
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