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Preparation and Photocatalytic Performance of Cu2ZnSnS4 Solid Solutions

Author(s): Ling Li | Liuping Zheng | Guiyang Yan | Qingshan Pan

Journal: Scientific Journal of Frontier Chemical Development
ISSN 2167-163X

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 59;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Solid Solutions | Cu2ZnSnS4 | Coprecipitation | Photocatalysis

Cu2ZnSnS4 solid solutions were synthesized via a coprecipitation method using Zn(NO3)2?6H2O, SnCl4?H2O, CuCl2?2H2O and Na2S?9H2O as the raw materials at ambiant temperature. The effects of calcination temperature, initial pH value, Zn/Sn amount-of-substance ratio and illumination time on photodegradation of Rhodamine B (RhB) were investigated. The physicochemical properties of the sample have been characterized by XRD, SEM, UV-Vis DRS and other techniques. The results indicate that the highest degradation rate of 20 ppm RhB can be over 96% with Zn/Sn amount-of-substance ratio of 1, the calcined temperature of 100℃ and the initial pH value of 7.0 under visible light irradiation for 150 min.
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