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Preparation and study of nanostructured TiAlSiN thin films

Author(s): Jakab-Farkas L. | Papp S. | G. Strnad | Safran Gy. | I. Vida-Simiti | Biró D.

Journal: Scientific Bulletin of the ''Petru Maior" University of Tîrgu Mureș
ISSN 1841-9267

Volume: 8 (XXV);
Issue: 2;
Start page: 169;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: thin film | sputtering | microstructure | mechanical properties

TiAlSiN thin film coatings were deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputtering of TiAlSi target with 40 at.% Ti, 40 at.% Al and 20 at.% Si, performed in N2-Ar gas mixture. The sputtering power used in these experiments was controlled for 400 W. The bias voltage of the substrates was kept at -20 V DC and the temperature at 500 0C. All the samples were prepared with a constant flow rate of Ar and different nitrogen flow rates, which were selected from 1.25 sccm to 4.0 sccm. Nanostructured TiAlSiN coatings were developed on Si(100) and HSS substrates. Microstructure investigation of the coatings was performed by transmission electron microscopy investigation, structure investigation was performed by XRD analysis, and the mechanical properties of the coatings have been tested by ball-on-disk tribological investigation and micro-Vickers hardness measurements. In this paper will be shown that for optimized nitrogen concentration the microstructure of TiAlSiN coating evolve from a competitive columnar growth to a dendritic growth one with very fine nano-lamellae like morphology. The developed nanostructured TiAlSiN coatingshave hardness HV exceeding 40 GPa and show an increased abrasive wear resistance

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