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Prevalence of bovine and avian tuberculosis in sheep and goat population of Bangladesh

Author(s): Md. Mashiur Rahman | Mohammad Ferdousur Rahman Khan | K. H. M. Nazmul Hussain Nazir | Md. Bahanur Rahman

Journal: Scientific Journal of Microbiology
ISSN 2322-2948

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Prevalence | Bovine tuberculosis | Avian tuberculosis | Sheep and goat | Bangladesh

An attempt was undertaken to investigate the occurrence of bovine and avian tuberculosis in sheep and goat population in Bangladesh. A total of 273 sheep and 155 goats were screened for bovine and avian tuberculosis by caudal fold tuberculin (CFT) and comparative cervical tuberculin (CCT) tests. The percentage of responders to CFT test in sheep and goat were 9.15% and 1.29% respectively. The overall percentage of reactors to CCT test in sheep and goats were 1.46% and 1.29% respectively. In CCT test the reactors were 0.36%, 1.29% for bovine tuberculosis, 1.09%, 1.29% for avian tuberculosis and 0.00%, 1.29% for mixed type for the sheep and goats respectively. In sheep of 3-4 years of age the reactors were 2.39 times higher than sheep below 3 years of age. In goats of 4.1-6 years of age the reactors were 2.40 times higher than goats below 3 years of age. The present prevalent study showed significant (P0.05) association in sheep. In sheep the percentages of reactors were 1.24 times higher in male (1.72%) than female (1.39%). Jamunapari (2.85%) breed of goat had 3.5 times higher percentage of reactors as compared to Black Bengal breed (0.83%). The study indicates that bovine and avian tuberculosis may cause dangerous effects on human health as well as livestock of Bangladesh so its prevention and eradication steps must be taken without any delay.

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