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Primary fallopian tube carcinoma - Clinicopathological review of 10 cases

Author(s): Marcia Rodrigues

Journal: Acta Obstetrica e Ginecologia Portuguesa
ISSN 1646-5830

Introduction: Primary fallopian tube carcinoma (PFTC) is an extremely rare tumour, accounting for 0,14 to 1,8% of all gynaecologic malignancies. Its incidence may be underestimated due to the difficulty in differentiating from ovarian cancer, especially in advanced cases.Objective: To evaluate clinical and histological-pathological features of primary fallopian tube carcinoma.Study Design: Retrospective observational study.Material and Methods: Ten cases with the diagnosis of PFCT were identified between 1991 and 2008 and their clinical records were reviewed. We assessed clinical presentation, stage, histology, grade, laterality, treatment rendered and overall survival. The overall incidence in our population was also evaluated.Results: Adenocarcinoma was the most common histological finding. Three patients had FIGO stage IA, two had stage IC, four had FIGO stage IIA and one patient had FIGO stage IV. Essentially half the cases of PFTC had moderate differentiation; all were unilateral. Mean follow-up was 52 months (range two months to eleven years), with a free survival period of 28 months. At the time of analysis six women are alive, one with residual disease.Conclusion: Primary fallopian tube carcinoma is a rare disease. The prognosis seems to be poor, and this is usually related to the advanced stage of the disease at diagnosis.
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