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Probability distribution function values in mobile phones;Valores de funciones de distribución de probabilidad en el teléfono móvil

Author(s): Luis Vicente Chamorro Marcillllo | Oscar Revelo Sánchez

Journal: Informador Técnico
ISSN 0122-056X

Volume: 77;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 6;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Statistical data | Probability theory | Mobile phones.

Engineering, within its academic and application forms, as well as any formal research work requires the use of statistics and every inferential statistical analysis requires the use of values of probability distribution functions that are generally available in tables. Generally, management of those tables have physical problems (wasteful transport and wasteful consultation) and operational (incomplete lists and limited accuracy). The study, “Probability distribution function values in mobile phones”, permitted determining – through a needs survey applied to students involved in statistics studies at Universidad de Nariño – that the best known and most used values correspond to Chi-Square, Binomial, Student’s t, and Standard Normal distributions. Similarly, it showed user’s interest in having the values in question within an alternative means to correct, at least in part, the problems presented by “the famous tables”. To try to contribute to the solution, we built software that allows immediately and dynamically obtaining the values of the probability distribution functions most commonly used by mobile phones.

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