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The problem of the on-the-job injury rate typical for moscow construction enterprises and methods of its resolution Проблема травматизма на предприятиях строительного комплекса г. Москвы и подходы к ее решению

Author(s): Laamarti Yulya Aleksandrovna | Kofanov Andrey Viktorovich

Journal: Stroitel’stvo : Nauka i Obrazovanie
ISSN 2305-5502

Issue: 1;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: occupational safety | construction industry | on-the-job injuries | professional risk management | prevention of on-the-job injuries | безопасность труда | строительный комплекс | производственный травматизм | управление профессиональными рисками | предупреждение производственного травматизма

Compliance with occupational safety requirements at Moscow construction sites represents the subject matter of the article. The reasons and factors of accidents are specified and described; statistical data covering the number of casualties, including the death rate, is also provided. The authors demonstrate the inefficiency of the old-style methods of improving the workplace quality and analyze the new state concept and strategy of occupational risk prevention. The authors argue that insufficient control over occupational safety, as well as the absence of any systems designated for the monitoring of the number of accidents and casualties, inaccurate official figures and opinions prevent successful improvements. The authors believe that the main reasons of on-the-job injuries include insufficient awareness of employees in terms of the issues of occupational safety, incompliance with the safety rules, indifference of employers to the issues of occupational safety, and their unwillingness to invest into replacement of machinery and personnel training.Проанализирована ситуация с безопасностью труда на предприятиях строительного комплекса г. Москвы. Названы и охарактеризованы причины и основные факторы наблюдаемых несчастных случаев на производстве, приведены статистические данные о количестве травмированных и погибших. Показана неэффективность прежних подходов к повышению качества рабочих мест, рассмотрена новая государственная концепция и стратегия предупреждения возникающих в сфере производства профессиональных рисков.
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