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Problematização do tempo na escola

Author(s): Ana Lara Casagrande | Marina Cyrino | Marina Jutkoski | Marilena Ap. Jorge Guedes Camargo

Journal: Educação : Teoria e Prática
ISSN 1517-9869

Volume: 41;
Issue: 22;
Start page: 101;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Chronological time. Teacher’s timing. Student’s timing.

Time, an essential category for discussion and reflection in educational institutions, is part of the main subject of this paper. The distinction between school institution and educational institution is important for these reflections: the first institutions we understand as school, focus of this paper; and the second we comprehend any institution that offers education to a person, as a family. From this perspective, we discuss this concept covering different facets that make up the educational institution and the school institution; time and chronological time, the time hidden in schools, the learning time of students and the teacher's teaching time. The questions presented: How can we rebuild this time without the time determined by society? One might think of the school without this timing control? What is proposed, in fact, is the realization that one can not unilaterally deduct the time from school or school from time and, to overcome this issue, it would be better to start rethinking this category. We saw that the control the rhythm of time that things should be happen, is a reflection of the organization that the man wants to have all the time, with chronological time. From the reflections presented, we conclude that having students and teachers as "hostages" of the condensed time and not thinking, there is in a different way of conceiving the routine at schools.
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