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Author(s): I. Gruzina

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 67;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 38;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: informatization | information society | information infrastructure | information technology

The rapid development of computer technology and information technology has led to the final transition from an industrial to an information society, called informatization by the leading researchers of this problem.Many aspects of the informatization have already been solved in the literature, however, some questions, in particular the impact of the process on economic growth, the possibility of information to lead to qualitative structural changes in the economy and the necessity to solve the problems, which appear during this process require clarification of both the theoretical basis of the concepts and practical approaches to its implemen­tation in the economic system of a country, a region, an individual enterprise.The purpose of the article is to identify obstacles to the development of informatization in Ukraine, to research the effect of this process on the economic life of Ukrainian society.Ukraine occupies leading places in the density of human scientific and technological capacity, ahead of most of the developed countries, but the gap in productivity of the national economy and the level of funding for science and technology sphere creates uncompetitive financing of informatization in our country. Selective and irregular allocation of funds to support the scientific and technical sphere restrain the implementation of new technology by many companies, makes it impossible to retain highly skilled profes­sionals.The imperfection of the modern economy and democracy restrains the development of informatization in the country and the researches on the development of the information environment. Among the main reasons for the lag level of informatization in Ukraine there are undeveloped information infrastructure, unwillingness of domestic enterprises managers to introduce the technology of e-business, inadequate legal and regulatory basis in the informatization sphere of the country, the low level of computer and information awareness, the use of outdated methods of training without progressive information and communication technologies.Along with the huge opportunities, which are offered to Ukraine by informatization, this process has a very significant negative consequences, and, if they are ignored, can lead to serious problems. Inadequate legal basis of informatization sphere does not provide all the needs for creating the infor­mation society, there is no coordination of the public and private sectors of the economy, that reduces the efficiency of available resources usage, the level of information representation of Ukraine in the Internet space, there is almost no government support for the production of informatization equipment and software, a cut-down informatization budget can not provide all the needs of the economy and social life. However, now in Ukraine there are the necessary conditions for a comprehensive and effective solution of these contradictions and the accelerated development of the information society.
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