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近年来西方城市地理学研究的主要领域、进展及趋势 Progress and Trends of Main Areas in Urban Geography in the West

Author(s): 吕拉昌 | 陈少存 | 辛星

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 2163-3987

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 34;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 城市地理学 | 西方国家 | 研究领域 | 发展趋势 | Urban Geography | Research Areas | Research Trends | Western World

近年来,在新经济及全球化的作用下,城市发生了重大变化,人们的认识视角也在发生新的变化,城市地理的研究领域发生重大调整,本文综述了西方城市地理学研究在后现代主义城市、全球城市及全球城市区域、城市信息地理、城市社会地理、低碳城市领域研究的主要问题及研究进展,指出城市地理学发展的趋势:认识路径的综合化与多元化;注重多尺度的研究;重视城市作为流通及消费空间的研究;强调城市创新结构与职能研究;研究内容“社会化”趋势;研究的“管理化”倾向;更加注重城市地理研究的分支、交叉与融合。In recent years, in new economy and globalization, with the urban dramatic changes and the chan- ges of cognitive perspective, the research areas has been adjusted of urban geography, this paper examines the progress of major research field of modern urban geography including postmodern city, global city and Global City region, information urban geography, urban social geography, low carbon City. We point out the developmental trend of urban geography: integration and diversification of cognitive path for studies of urban geography; multi-scale study; stressing the study of circulation space and consumption space in cities; emphasizing the innovation function and innovation structure; emphasizing “socialization” trend and “mana- gement” trend from the contents of research; and pay more attention to research urban geographical branch and its overlapping and its merging.

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