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利用奈米技术制作砷化镓之微奈米孔洞 Properties of Microporous Nanocomposite GaAs by Metal-Assisted Etching Technique

Author(s): 陈正强 | 陈隆建 | 吕思纬 | 蔡文芳

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 砷化镓;金属辅助蚀刻 | 砷化镓;金属辅助蚀刻

本研究利用金属辅助式蚀刻技术在无通电下制作出具有微米等级的孔洞于n型砷化镓(GaAs)基板,观察其不同时蚀刻时间条件下砷化镓基板表面型态与反射光谱。实验结果显示随着蚀刻时间的增加孔洞结构越明显,并在蚀刻时间20分钟有较低的反射率。使用近0度角入射之反射式光谱,在未蚀刻前抛光GaAs之反射光谱曲线反射率在50%以下,在400~800 nm范围内平均的反射率为33.69%,使用45度角入射之反射式光谱,未蚀刻前抛光GaAs反射光谱与近0度角入射之镜面反射式光谱架构的光谱都低于50%,400~800 nm波段间之平均反射率为33.56%。This work reports on the photovoltaic properties of n-type microporous GaAs substrates. The microporous morphology on GaAs substrates were fabricated utilizing Ag metal-assisted etching technique under electroless condition. Then, we investigates the surface morphology of microporous GaAs substrates with different etching times.The experimental results indicated the microporous structures of GaAs are larger and clearly defined as increasing etching time. The lower reflectivity of microporous structures was observed in 20 min of etching time. Incident angle near 0 degrees using the reflection spectrum of GaAs polished without etching before the reflectivity curve of reflectance of 50% or less, in the range of 400~800 nm average reflection rate was 33.69%, with 45-degree angle of reflection for incident Spectra, reflectance spectra of GaAs is not polished and near 0° incidence of the specular reflection spectra of spectral structure are less than 50%, 400~800 nm band average reflectance between the rate of 33.56%.
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