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Prospects of Development and Use of Renewable Power Resources in Ukraine

Author(s): By E. Loktev | D. Zakharchenko

Journal: Economics of Development
ISSN 1683-1942

Volume: 58;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 46;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: heating | renewable energy resources | alternative sources of thermal energy | geothermal energy | solar energy | biomass

The heat supply in Ukraine is a technically backward sector of economy with many problems which have recently become even more critical. The lack of investments into the branch the technical condition of the production assets have significantly declined, while the consumption of material and power resources have increased.Traditionally centralized sources of heat supply are characterized by low power and ecological efficiency, large losses of heat in thermal network (according to the standard they must be 8% but in reality they amount up to 20% and more).One of the main directions of fuel and energy resources saving is the decentralization of heat supply, i.e. the replacement of heating systems that contain boiler-houses supplying regions and apartment blocks and autonomous heat supply.The second perspective direction is the use of alternative energy resources. The realization of energy conservation measures will positively affect the ecological conditions of settlements, considerably reduce the fuel and energy dependence of the country on external factors, and improve economic conditions development in Ukraine.The increase of traditional power resources prices and environmental pollution made people use nontraditional and renewable energy sources.Climatic and geographical conditions of Ukraine favour the effective use of solar energy in the country, and this is the basis for its introduction and operation.The perspective direction of energy saving policy is the usage of geothermal energy for heating and air conditioning of lodging and community offices.It is extremely important for Ukraine a large scale use of biomass technology. In Europe the proportion of biomass consumption in the total amount of primary energy sources makes more than 3%, in Ukraine it makes about 0.5% while the energy potential of the country is approximately 12%. The main components of this potential are farm waste and power crops.
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