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Proteomics: Emerging analytical techniques

Author(s): Maurya Bharati D. | Pawar Shweta V. | Chate Priya B. | Kayarkar Namita A. | Durgude Suvarna G. | Boraste Amol | Kadam Pallavi | Gomase V.S.

Journal: International Journal of Genetics
ISSN 0975-2862

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Proteomics | imaging MS | 2D-DIGE | MudPIT | SELDI | MALDI TOF | Capillary electrophoresis

Genomic and proteomic approaches together promise to reveal a multidimensional view of abiological system. As compared to Genomic approaches, Proteomic studies have their fair amount oflimitations. The technical issues troubling proteomic approaches include gel-to-gel reproducibility, biasestoward identifying similar proteins in unrelated proteomic studies, and reliability of protein extractionmethods. Many types of information cannot be obtained from the study of genes alone because proteins notgenes are responsible for the phenotypes of cells. Mechanisms of disease, aging and the effects of theenvironment cannot be explained solely by the genome because through the study of proteins can proteinmodifications be analyzed and the targets of drugs of identified.
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