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The Prune Belly syndrome: urological aspects and long-term outcomes of a rare disease

Author(s): Vahudin Zugor | Günter E. Schott | Apostolos P. Labanaris

Journal: Pediatric Reports
ISSN 2036-749X

Volume: 4;
Issue: 2;
Start page: e20;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Prune-Belly syndrome | diagnosis | therapeutic options | surgical treatment

Prune-Belly syndrome is a disorder characterized by the following triad of symptoms: deficiency of the abdominal muscles, malformations of the urinary tract and bilateral cryptorchidism. This study included a total of 16 patients. The findings included clinical characteristics, diagnostics, therapy and long-term clinical outcomes. All patients were asked to complete a questionnaire and, in some cases, were given further examination. All patients were diagnosed with congenital aplasia of the abdominal wall and a variety of urogenital malformations. Cryptorchidism was present in 11 patients (68.8%), malformations of the prostate in 3 (18.8%), urethral malformations in 8 (50%) and mega-ureter in 14 patients (87.5%). A mega-bladder was observed in 13 patients (81.3%). Distinctive renal malformations, such as renal dysplasia, in 3 patients (18.8%) and hydronephrosis in 9 patients (56.3%), respectively. Abdominoplasty was performed on 4 patients (25%). Urethral surgery was performed in 10 patients (62.5%). Seven patients (43.8%) required ureter surgery, most of which involved re-implantation of the ureter and, in some cases, additional ureter modeling. Renal surgery was performed on 5 patients. Four patients with non-functioning kidneys with hydronephrosis underwent a nephrectomy and one patient pyeloplasty. We demonstrate that successful treatment is possible even in cases of serious and complex malformations, such as those of the Prune-Belly syndrome. Treatment must be tailored to the individual patient. The severity of the renal dysplasia is the main prognostic factor.
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