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Przestrzeń odmieniona. Społeczna recepcja nowej marki miejskiej na przykładzie Metropolii Silesia

Author(s): Aleksandra A. Wycisk

Journal: Przestrzeń Społeczna
ISSN 2084-1558

Issue: 2;
Start page: 104;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: sociology | metropolis | space marketing | city brand | survey | expert interview

The article presents the research made on a new city brand in 2011. The Silesia Metropolis is a form of city union including 14 independent cities located in the Silesian voivodeship, Poland. In 2009 it was decided that the Silesia Metropolis is to launch a promotion campaign. The main aim of the promotion was to show the new brand and make it recognisable. However, the promotion of the Silesia Metropolis is an example of unsuccessful attempt in creating a new city brand. The building of a new city brand is a complex task, which can produce a creative and interesting vision of the city. Recent marketing arrangements of the Silesia Metropolis are facing not only the stereotypical and pop-cultural idea of the region, but also a lack of appreciation among the metropolitan residents. The Silesia Metropolis is underestimated by its own dwellers and may finally suffer serious communication problems. In this article the quality of internal space marketing in the Silesia Metropolis is therefore stated as the most important issue. Redefining traditional understanding of Silesian space (coal mines, industry, etc.) into a dynamic vision of a modern city will not accomplish success without cooperation of people. It is essential for the Silesia Metropolis to break the internal inconsistence and build a solid and cohesive structure. In order to obtain satisfying results of the study, two research methods were used: a survey and an expert interview. The metropolis’ young citizens (aged 19-31) whose families live in Upper Silesia for longer than one generation were subjects of the survey. The expert interviews were conducted with high-class specialists of governance, culture, metropolitanisation process, media communication, and marketing. The research indicates a need for change in the promotion scheme. A stronger stress should be put onto the emotional aspect of marketing communication rather than the rational explanation.

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