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精神源性眩晕(综述) Psychiatric Origin of Vertigo (Review)

Author(s): 田军茹

Journal: Advances in Clinical Medicine
ISSN 2161-8712

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 11;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: 眩晕 | 慢性眩晕 | 前庭自旋转实验 | 前庭康复 | 海兹量表 | Dizziness | VAT | CSD | HADS | Vestibular Rehabilitation

大多数慢性眩晕是由于短暂性躯体性疾病诱发急性眩晕没有得到及时治疗形成完全性代偿,导致长期迁延不愈而形成的。大多数慢性眩晕都或多或少伴发或继发精神源性眩晕,也称之慢性主观性眩晕,是很常见的临床综合症,发病率高达30%~50%,诊断和治疗一直以来颇具挑战。进入21世纪后,这个领域出现了重大进展,产生了一些诊治新概念和新方法。本文旨在综述这些最新进展。 It has been is a challenge to diagnose and treat the chronic dizziness which is usually derived from acute diz-ziness with neurologic or otologic origins or developed with psychiatric diseases. It becomes chronic due to lack of proper treatment to establish complete compensation mechanism at early stage and to deal with intermingled psycho-logical factors properly. It often has psychiatric symptoms and also called chronic subjective dizziness (CSD) with in-cidence rate of 30-50%. However, the significant progress has been made in this field since the beginning of the 21st century especially in diagnosis and treatment. The current paper is to review the most recent development.
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