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Psychological analysis of stress resistance in professional rescuers

Author(s): Sinishina V.M.

Journal: PsihologiĆ¢ i Pravo
ISSN 2222-5196

Issue: 3;
Date: 2013;

Keywords: stress | distress | rescuers | formation of psychological stability.

The article reveals and systematize the modern approaches of foreign and domestic scholars to the problem of the formation of personal psychological resistance to work stress in rescuers. Revealing the problem of stress through a comprehensive analysis of the literature, the author comes to the conclusion that the problem of the formation of stress resistance in the modern world has dynamic, integrating nature, causing the emergence of new, previously unknown problems in today world which do not lead to stable development of the society. In particular, among the main components of the individual stress resistance in rescuers, the author highlights: motivational, cognitive, connotative, reflexive and evaluative, regulatory-willed and operational components. As the key elements of manifestations of occupational stress, the author discusses behavioral, intellectual, physiological, emotional ones.
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