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Psychopharmacologic therapeutic during Pregnancy

Author(s): Cassilda Costa

Journal: Acta Obstetrica e Ginecologia Portuguesa
ISSN 1646-5830

Pregnancy is usually regarded as a stage of emotional well-being, and motherhood as a joyful moment in the life of women. But, many patients present symptoms like sadness and anxiety in this phase of their lives. Psychiatric disorders in pregnancy represent a risk to the mother and the baby, and have repercussions on the family as a whole. The impact of this suffering on the women-mother, her environment and her son may be dramatic.The decision to prescribe psychopharmacologic therapeutic during this period is always difficult, and it must be taken in the light of mental health severity and when the potential risk to the foetus from exposure is outweighed by the risk of untreated maternal disorder.In this review we discussed the current evidence of risks on pregnancy associated with use of psychotropic drugs commonly use to treat psychiatric disorder.
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