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Psychotropic drug consumption: analysis of ambulatory setting prescriptions as basis for drug-related problems studies / Consumo de medicamentos psicotrópicos: análisis de recetas médicas ambulatorias como base para estudios de problemas relacionados con medicamentos / Consumo de psicotrópicos: análise das prescrições ambulatoriais como base para estudos de problemas relacionados com medicamentos

Author(s): Sebastião ECO | Pelá IR

Journal: Seguimiento Farmacoterapéutico
ISSN 1696-1137

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 250;
Date: 2004;
Original page

Keywords: Pharmacoepidemiology | Psychotropic drugs | Antidepressants | Anxiolytic drugs | Drug utilization studies

Present study aimed to discuss consumption of psychotropic registered by Health Municipal Secretariat of Ribeirão Preto (SMSRP), São Paulo (Brazil) in 2001. Data were gathered from monthly records of Pharmacy Units, kept in Pharmacy Department of SMSRP, and were expressed in DDD per 10.000 inhabitants/day, for each pharmaceutical. Diazepam (DZP) was the most used anxiolytic (DDD/10000=96.8), followed by phenobarbital (DDD/10000=32.8). Amitriptyline was the most used antidepressant, and the 4th among all psychotropic drugs (DDD/10000=18.6). A increasing trend in DZP and AMT consumption was observed, being most of the prescriptions done by psychiatry specialists (53 and 60%, respectively), while the rest was originated in neurology, rheumatology and ambulatory AIDS clinics. The present study concludes that antidepressant consumption suggests a great use in non-psychiatric use, specially AMT, pointing out its use in analgesia. It also concludes that although data are not enough to obtain risk-cost-benefit of this drugs, neither factors determining psychotropic consumption, they point to the necessity of multy-dimensional assessments to verify existence of symptoms medicalization by non-psychiatric medicine, and their iatrogenic consequences.
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