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Pyrene Removal from Contaminated Soils by Modified Fenton Oxidation Using Iron Nano Particles

Author(s): Sahand Jorfi | Abbas Rezaee | Ghasem-ali Moheb-ali | Nemat alah Jaafarzadeh

Journal: Iranian Journal of Environmental Health Science & Engineering
ISSN 1735-1979

Volume: 11;
Issue: 7;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Soil Pollution | Pyrene | Modified Fenton Oxidation | Iron Nano Oxide | Chelating Agent

Background:The problems related to conventional Fenton oxidation, including low pH required and production of considerable amounts of sludge have led researchers to investigate chelating agents which might improve the operating range of pH and the use of nano iron particle to reduce the excess sludge. The pyrene removal from contaminated soils by modified Fenton oxidation at neutral pH was defined as the main objective of the current study.Methods:Varying concentrations of H2O2 (0-500 mM) and iron nano oxide (0-60 mM), reaction times of 0.5-24 hours and variety of chelating agents including sodium pyrophosphate, sodium citrate, ethylene diamine tetraacetic, fulvic and humic acid were all investigated at pyrene concentration levels of 100 – 500 mg/kg.Results:By applying the following conditions (H2O2 concentration of 300 mM, iron nano oxide of 30 mM, sodium pyrophosphate as chelating agent, pH 3 and reaction time of 6 hours) the pyrene removal efficiency at an initial concentration of 100 mg/kg was found to be 99%. As a result, the pyrene concentration was reduced from 100 to 93 mg/kg once the above optimum conditions are met.Conclusions:In this research, the modified Fenton oxidation using iron nano oxide at optimum conditions is introduced as an efficient alternative method in lab scale for chemical remediation or pre-treatment of soils contaminated by pyrene at neutral pH.

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