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Quantification of the activity of CMCase and FPase produced from solid-state fermentation of cactus pear

Author(s): Tamires Carvalho dos Santos, Gleydison Amarante Soares, Thiago José Onorio Rocha, Alexsandra N. Ferreira, Clissiane Soares Viana Pacheco, Marcelo Franco

Journal: Exatas Online
ISSN 2178-0471

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 22;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Fermentation time | water content | Rhizopus sp.

The term solid state fermentation refers to the growth of microorganisms on solid matrix. The palm girl(Nopalea cochenillifera) grown in semi-arid region of Northeast can be an alternative culture mediumand low economic cost. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of fermentation and watercontent on the kinetic activity of cellulases produced by fungal species Rhizopus sp. The palm being theonly medium. The method used to quantify the enzyme used the filter paper andcarboxymethylcellulose as a substrate. The unit ofenzyme activity (U/mL) was defined as the amount ofenzyme capable of releasing 1 μmol of reducing sugars per minute at 50 °C, sugars quantified bytheDNS. The maximization of enzyme activity for CMCase (endoglucanase) was5.7 U/mL to 0.949 wateractivity at 96h, while for FPase (endoglucanse + exoglucanase) was. 8.7 U/mL to 0.993 activity waterin 72h. The fermentation was conducted in a bacteriological incubator at 30 oC.The fungussynthesizedboth enzymes without the need.of any supplies or inducer addition of the cellulose presentinthe waste and different concentrations.

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