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Radio-Continuum Jets Around the Peculiar Galaxy Pair ESO 295-IG022

Author(s): Filipovic, M. D. | Crawford, E. J. | Jones, P. A. | White G. L.

Journal: Serbian Astronomical Journal
ISSN 1450-698X

Volume: 181;
Start page: 31;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Galaxies: clusters: individual: Abell S0102 | Galaxies: individual: ESO 295-IG022 | Galaxies: interactions | Galaxies: jets | Radio continuum: galaxies | X-rays: galaxies

We report new radio-continuum observations with the Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) of the region surrounding the peculiar galaxy pair ESO 295-IG022 at the centre of the poor cluster Abell S0102. We observed this cluster at wavelengths of $lambda$=20/13 and 6/3~cm with the ATCA 6~km array. With these configurations, we achieved a resolution of $sim$2arcsec at 3~cm which is sufficient to resolve the jet-like structure of $sim$3 arcmin lengthdetected at 20~cm. From our new high resolution images at 6 and 3~cm we confirm the presence of a double jet structure, most likely originating from the northern galaxy (ESO 295-IG022-N), bent and twisted towards the south. We found the spectral index of the jet to be very steep ($alpha$=-1.32). No point source was detected that could be associated with the core of ESO 295-IG022-N. On the other hand, ESO 295-IG022-S does not show any jet structure, but does show a point radio source. This source has variable flux and spectral index, and appears to be superposed on the line-of-sight of the jets (seen at 20-cm) originating from the northern galaxy ESO 295-IG022-N. Finally, regions of very high and somewhat well ordered polarisation were detected at the level of 70 per cent.
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