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Rationale for use and the mechanical properties of layered metal tracks

Author(s): V.Artemchuk | Y.Mikhaylenko | N.Mukhina | O.Sablin | R.Ganich

Journal: Science and Transport Progress
ISSN 2307-3489

Issue: 42;
Start page: 60;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: layered materials | mechanical properties | the production of repair | restoration parts

In this paper we analyze existing methods for producing layered metal compositions. It is shown that the majority of the methods presented focus on the production of industrial products, billets. The use of layered metal compositions must be technically and economically justified, since they receive complicates the manufacturing (repair) process. Therefore, among the presented methods were identified, those which are most suitable for the production of railway maintenance, and shows the mechanical properties of layered materials.

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