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Reaching inter-institutional business processes in e-Society

Author(s): Nikola Vlahovic

Journal: Business Systems Research
ISSN 1847-8344

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1-2;
Start page: 20;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: business processes | public administration | e-business | e-society | interactions

Each business enterprise strives to achieve the most ef- ficient organization of its operations. While business en- terprises can influence internal factors of organization, external factors are more rigid. Public organizations have less of an incentive to be efficient. Furthermore, their or- ganization is less favorable since the decision making is centralized and highly formal (i.e. legislative). Adop- tion of business process orientation (BPO) paradigm, with an emphasis on the management of internal factors of organization, has provided business organizations with substantial savings and improvements in efficiency. However, external factors also have a high potential for improvement of efficiency. For instance, development of supply chains or value chains has proven that external factors can be harnessed to provide additional sources of competitiveness. Other external factors can also be used to improve the performance of individual organiza- tions, an entire industry or economy as a whole. These synergic effects can be achieved through a unified and virtualized communication infrastructure, document ex- change and conduct of business transactions. The goal of this paper is to present business environment prop- erties in an e-Society that can be further developed to enhance integration between organizations and public institutions, which in turn can be used to create and manage inter-institutional business processes. This type of processes can promote e-business and e-business models to a new level of efficiency, making a whole in- dustry or national economy comparatively more com- petitive in international markets.
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