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Reasons for relapse in patients with alcohol dependence

Author(s): Anupama Korlakunta | Swaroopa R S Chary | Pavan Kumar CM Reddy

Journal: Andhra Pradesh Journal of Psychological Medicine
ISSN 2249-5851

Volume: 13;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 108;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Alcohol | relapse | causes for relapse

Background: Alcoholism is a chronic relapsing disorder. Alcohol dependence is characterized by a prolonged course of alcohol-related problems and a persistent vulnerability to relapse. Even though there is an improvement in multiple domains of life after alcohol treatment, the risk of relapse remains high following treatment. This study was under taken for better understanding of the causes for relapse and improve outcome for individuals with alcohol dependence.Aims To assess the reasons for relapse in alcohol dependent patients.Methods The present study was conducted on patients with alcohol dependence in the inpatient psychiatric ward. The study sample was collected from 190 in-patients with Alcohol Dependence Syndrome (ADS) using a semi structured interview containing socio demographic variables and the reasons for relapse. The diagnosis of ADS in patients was made according to ICD-10 criteria.Results: Craving was noted as most common cause for relapse in alcohol dependent patients.Conclusion: There is significant association between age at first drink, age at dependence, duration of dependence, other Co-morbid diagnosis of patients and relapse.Key message: Craving was noted as most common cause for relapse in alcohol dependent patients.
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