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Reducing Energy Consumption in Billboards Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Author(s): Zakie Fard Nasiri | Hamid Mehdi

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Network Solutions
ISSN 2345-3397

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 13;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: wireless sensor network | Amwsn | Management Algorithm Based Advertising

Today, one of the important issues in business is environmental advertisements. Advertisement is anextensive business among the world’s top industries and in parallel with industries such as oil, automobile,information technology, and agriculture. Growth of advertisement industry in each country has a closerelation with the level of commercial activities and its healthy economic. In fact, the growth ofadvertisement industry expresses the level of people’s life in a country and indicates its economicdevelopment.Recent progress in the field of electronics and wireless communication has made it possible to design andmake sensors with low power consumption, small size, proper cost, and various applications. These smallsensors with the ability to do the activities such as receiving different environmental information (dependson the kind of sensor), processing, and sending the information has created an idea for developing networkscalled wireless sensor networks(Culler,2004) (WSN)( Krishnan et al,2003). WSNs (CHEE-YEE, 2003) arecomposed of so many sensor nodes which are shared for monitoring the desired area. Using this kind ofnetwork was generalized due to its applicability in different fields such as environmental, industrial, andothers. In this paper, we tried to present a new method in the field of controlling and showingadvertisements, express the efficiency and effectiveness of this method for reducing energy consumption inbillboards. This method is considered as an efficient, accurate, and appropriate method regarding conductedsamples and obtained results.
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