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Reflexiones sobre el imperialismo norteamericano: la política agraria colombiana y la influencia estadounidense en la década de 1930

Author(s): Juan Pablo Ardila Falla

Journal: Historia Crítica
ISSN 0121-1617

Volume: 51;
Start page: 171;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Agricultural policy | social conflict | diplomacy | North-South relations | legislation.

This article studies the influence of the United States in Colombian agricultural policy in the 1930s. In that decade, diplomats and businessmen from the United States actively participated in the legislative initiatives that were being developed in Colombia, with the objective of protecting their direct interests, stopping the expansion of communism, promoting new business opportunities, and expanding the commercial networks which existed in the country. Despite their influence, representatives from the United States did not always oppose attempts to enact agrarian reforms and, occasionally, were unable to stop initiatives that were contrary to their interests.
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