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The regulation of educational services market and labor market interaction based on the mechanism of quality control

Author(s): E.V. Martyakova | S.N. Snegovaya | O.V. Mudraya

Journal: Marketing ì Menedžment Innovacìj
ISSN 2218-4511

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 154;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: educational services market | labor market | educational service quality | educational service

The aim of the article. The aim of this research is justification of the necessity of interaction between educational services market and labour market on improving the economic mechanism based on the quality management.The results of the analysis. Todaythe the increased integration of educational services market and labor market is the most important factor in successful social and economic development. Educational services market can be analyzed in two ways: as a separate item and as part of the labor market. One of the main conditions for successful enterprise development is continuous improvement and modification of human development through education.Therefore, the development and modernization of existing system of selection and training, finding new technologies of integrating educational institutions and businesses are required the solution of the skilled, social and economic regional issues of real and financial sectors of economics.The content of the interaction mechanism between customers and consumers in the educational market was considered in the article. The tools of economic mechanism of educational services quality were defined.The structure of training in terms of the industry knowledge and the needs for businesses were determined. The imbalance between demand and supply of specialists in the market was defined. The effectiveness of educational system is characterized by the degree of compliance with the current structure of the training structure of the economy. In recent years, due to the structural changes, the problem of discrepancies of the existing specialties and skilled levels, not only for young specialists, but also to other categories of applicants on the employers job requirements and the imbalance between supply and demand of labor in the labor market was analyzed.Market of educational services is not ready to satisfy the demand of employers on personnel and promptly respond to the changes occurring in labor market. Lack of timely monitoring of quantitative and qualitative needs of specialists, and education establishments` orientation on purchasing power of population leads to the imbalance in Ukrainian labor market.The necessity of interaction regulation beetwen educational services market and labor market has been justified. For improving the quality of education services it is necessary to introduce the innovative forms of educational process on the basis of business approach to commercialize the results of scientific research. The directions of perfection the economic mechanism of quality control have been proposed. Anecessary condition for the development of conceptual frameworks for cooperation between markets is theoretical and methodological basis of this activity. The structure of economic mechanism should be reflected in the form of exposure control of subsystem. Management and economical mechanism should include the following functions of management as organization, planning, control, motivation and regulation.Conclusions and directions of further researches. The analysis examined the functioning of labor market and education services market and demonstrated the shortcomings of the existing mechanism of their interaction, inability to self-adjusting their relations, harmonizing the relationship between the participants, based on coordination and balancing of strategies. It actualizes the need to develop effective economic mechanism of its regulation.One of the areas for cooperation between the education services and labour markets is to improve the economic mechanism of management of quality educational services. An effective instrument of economic regulation mechanism of partners' interests in the education system should become the improvment the quality of education by means of: predicting the structure of specialties, research requirements of the labor market within the competence of graduates, financing institutions for performance, auditing of quality educational services.Further studies on regulation of the interaction of education services market and labor market imposes the need for consideration of such issues as: the concept of interaction between labor market and education services market, partnerships, integrating education services and labor market participation of employers and other partners in solving problems of interaction between the education services market and labor market, including the development of educational standards, according to the current skilled needs and so on.
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