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The relation of the population to medical services / Отношение городских жителей к медицинским услугам

Author(s): Sedova N.N. / Седова Наталья Николаевна | Ertel L.A. / Эртель Людмила Александровна

Journal: Sociologiâ Goroda
ISSN 1994-3520

Issue: 2;
Start page: 3;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: The population / Население | The medical services / Медицинские услуги | Complaence & noncomplaence / Комплаентность и некомплаентность

There are risks which directly influence culture of their consumption and risks which are caused by low level of this culture in the medical care. The risk of superfluous consumption is shown in the form of dependence concerning the healthy person from presence at his life of the medical control, and also at the overexpenditure of means for medical services. The risk of under consumption of medical services is shown in the form of not finished the cure illness, noncomplaence patients or a premature exit from therapeutic process, replacement of firm preparations with inefficient cheap analogues. / Приведен анализ системы рисков, связанной с культурой потребителя медицинской помощи. Выделены как наиболее значимые риски избыточного и недостаточного потребления медицинских услуг, показана их роль в оптимизации практики здравоохранения.
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