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Relations of aqueduct with some structures of mesencephalon

Author(s): Stanković Gordana | Nikolić Valentina | Puškaš Nela | Filipović Branislav | Puškaš Laslo | Krivokuća Dragan

Journal: Medicinski Pregled
ISSN 0025-8105

Volume: 62;
Issue: 7-8;
Start page: 352;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Cerebral Aqueduct | Mesencephalon | Superior Colliculi | Inferior Colliculi | Red Nucleus | Substantia Nigra

Introduction. Aqueductus mesencephali is the biggest part of the ventricular system and that is why it is the most common place of intraventricular obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid. This study was done in order to study topographic characteristics of aqueduct more thoroughly. Materials and methods. Transversal sections of mesencephalon were made in three levels. The first section was made caudally immediately from the posterior commissure. The second section was made in the middle part of the superior colliculi, and the third section was made in the rostral parts of the caudal sections of the superior colliculi. Distances of the aqueduct from structures of mesencephalon, obtained on the second section, are: 1. The distance of the aqueduct from the superior colliculi - 6.96 mm; 2. The distance of the aqueduct from the red nucleus - 6.02 mm; 3. The distance of the aqueduct from the substantia nigra - 12.29 mm; 4. The distance of the aqueduct from the interpeduncular fossa - 10.22 mm. Conclusion. Knowledge of the anatomy of the aqueductus mesencephali is very important because of interpretation of patogenesis of hidrocefalus as well as of other syndromes that occure in some pathological processes in the system of ventricles.
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