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The relationship between the psychosocial care center and the basic attention for the person with mental disorder care.

Author(s): Girlaine Mayara Peres | Ana Maria Pereira Lopes

Journal: Saúde & Transformação Social
ISSN 2178-7085

Volume: 1;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 146;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Mental health. Psychosocial Care Center. Basic Attention.

The implementation of the Psychiatric Reform in Brazil involves a network of care for the person with mental disorder, which comprises the Basic Attention (BA) and the Psychosocial Care Center (PCC). This study aimed at describing the characteristics of the articulation between these services in the city of Florianópolis (SC). A qualitative descriptive exploratory approach to survey was chosen, in which a semi-structured interview with 10 workers from different areas and from both services was conducted. The content analysis was selected to evaluate the collected data. The results indicate that the articulation happens through the integration of services, the referrals, the recognition of demands related to the services, the network care presence, and the structuring of the mental health policy in the city. The attention in mental health is organized by the establishment of a flow according to the needs of the individual in treatment and by a set of technical and assistance actions. However, there is a deficit in the workforce, in the structuring of public services and in the broaden network of psychosocial attention. All these elements put such service before the challenges of what is recommended the Psychiatric Reform after the law # 10.216/01, in other words, the passage from the legal sphere – in terms of law, to the institutional – in terms of action.
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