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Relationship and Transactional Marketing Integration Aspects

Author(s): Viltė Auruškevičienė | Rita Kuvykaitė | Vida Škudienė

Journal: Engineering Economics
ISSN 1392-2785

Volume: 4;
Start page: 78;
Date: 2007;
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Keywords: relationship marketing | transactional marketing | database marketing | interaction marketing | network marketing

There is no consensus among marketing scholars andpractitioners regarding transactional and relationshipmarketing differences and correlations. Coviello, Brodieand Munro (1997) have sought to understand the natureof these phenomena and suggested an integrated approachtowards a variety of marketing types. They createda classified scheme based on Europe and the USmarketing schools‘ ideas’. By synthesizing various conceptualmarketing approaches the scholars defined twomain marketing perspectives (transactional and relationship)that incorporate four marketing types (transactional,database, interaction, and network). However thisclassification lack empirical evidence as very little researchhas been conducted to test it.The present research is aimed to assess the relationshipamong these marketing types and their correlationwith organization’s performance success in IT market.The survey questionnaire was designed using Coviello etal. (1997) suggested scheme that encompass nine dimensions:purpose of relational exchange, pattern of communication,type of customer contact, the level of relationships‘formality, duration of relationship exchange,managerial intent, managerial planning focus, andmanagerial resource investment.The research results indicated that all four marketingtypes (transactional, database, interaction, network) arepracticed in IT market at different levels. The most developedmarketing types are interaction marketing (8.19)and database marketing (7.33). Transactional marketing(6.38) and network (6.65) marketing are practiced less.The relationships between different marketing types weremeasured using correlation analysis. The results of thisanalysis indicate no statistically significant correlationsbetween transactional marketing and relationship marketing.These findings imply that relationship marketingpractice development does not cause the decrease oftransactional marketing elements. Statistically significantmedium correlation was found between database marketingand interaction marketing (r=0.786, p
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