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Representing object oriented database using XML-DTD

Author(s): Chitra Desai | Manisha Patil | Sahebrao Shinde

Journal: Advances in Information Mining
ISSN 0975-3265

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 11;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: XML Schema | Relational database | XML DTD | DTD graph | Object Oriented Database

The ability to handle complex data has made object oriented database gain a wide attention in thefield of scientific research and engineering. Using object-oriented database for scientific data in it hasseveral characteristics that should be considered for storing and retrieving it for future use. As thisinformation needs to be exchanged and shared, XML in itself is emerging as a standard for informationexchange over heterogeneous systems. The object oriented database structure designed using UMLstandard can be transformed into XML DTD. The XML DTD can further be used for obtaining DTD graph,which is further, used for extracting object oriented database schema by applying set of rules for classdefinition. This paper takes an example XML schema and transforms it into relational database schema. Asobject oriented database can be looked for more complex type of data handling compared to relationaldatabase, the XML schema is transformed to XML DTD and is used for representing object orienteddatabase schema.
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