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Research for Detection Level and Production Sales Management of Raisins Based on NN and SAS/GIS

Author(s): Li Xiaoling | Yuan Jimin

Journal: Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology
ISSN 2042-4868

Volume: 5;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 1055;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Image manipulation | neural network | raisin detection | SAS/GIS

Raisins grade identification in China still relies on photoelectric sorting and manual separation, also, the function of management system for the production, processing, and sales of raisin is traditional and simple. This study presents a processing method on the basis of the Neural Network (NN) and image manipulation. Calculating the length of the long-short-axis, marking the location of it and calculated the 7 parameters, chroma, length, width and etc, and using boundary tracking algorithm, A BP NN was to build and identify the level of raisins through analysis of the external characteristics of raisins. The result of experiment indicates that average recognition rate is higher than 92%. This study took regional economy statistics of Pan Zhihua as an example, designed an system based on regional economy statistic and achieves the analytic function of regional economic statistics by utilizing distributed SAS /GIS to release the data, provide browsing, searching and analytic function of the space data for the users and accomplish data share. Therefore, the method has a great practical value, which can be applied to other.
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