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The Research for the Greenhouse Water Evaporation Based on the Environmental Factors

Author(s): Lili Ma | Chaoxing He | Zhixin Wang

Journal: Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology
ISSN 2042-4868

Volume: 5;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 1049;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Genetic algorithm | the environmental factors | the greenhouse | the water evaporation

To guide the greenhouse precision irrigation, influenced by the environmental factors, based on the definite plant, the greenhouse water evaporation characteristics are studied. The qualitative and the quantitative relationships between the environmental factors and the greenhouse water evaporation are probed into which will provide the theoretical basis for the water management of the facilities horticulture. Establishing the quantitative relations between the environmental factors and the water evaporation, between the environmental factors and the evaporation of soil water, between the environmental factors and the crop transpiration not only can reveal the environment factors to have the impact on the water evaporation changes, the soil water evaporation changes and physiological changes of the plant water, but also can use meteorological parameter to predict in the greenhouse crop transpiration for the water consumption. Then based on the predicted value timely the plant is supplied with the moderate water. Using genetic algorithm to optimize the models in different season in the different ranges value, the minimum of the evaporation of water is predicted, in order to achieve the purpose of right amount water needed for the plant, saving water, high yield and good quality.
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