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Research note: Antioxidant properties of plum peel applied to meat batters

Author(s): Alan Jesús De-la-Vega-Martinez | Irving Michel-López

Journal: Nacameh
ISSN 2007-0373

Volume: 6;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 33;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Natural antioxidants | Antioxidant activity | Poliphenols | TBA | prunes peels

The use of natural origin antioxidants presents in fruit peels like prunes and its application to a meat product were analyzed. Phenolic compound concentration and antioxidant activity were determined to an ethanolic extract of prunes peels. A polyphenols concentration of 84 ug/g was found in the prunes peels extract with an antioxidant activity of 65.77% (TEAC). Two batches of cooked sausages were elaborated (pork meat and poultry paste), adding 5% of dehydrated prunes peels to sausages formulation to determinate the oxidative rancidity (TBA) during 14 days of refrigerated storage. Sausageselaborated with poultry paste presented higher amount of malonaldehyde, indicating a higher tendency to lipid oxidation as compared to pork sausages. In same way, the incorporation ofprunes peels decreased oxidative rancidity since the content of antioxidant compounds delayed this process in processed meat products during storage.
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