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发达地区农户融资环境优化研究 Research on Optimization of Farmer Households’ Fi-nancing Environment in the Developed Region

Author(s): 潘海英 | 师昌喆

Journal: Finance
ISSN 2161-0967

Volume: 01;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 38;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 发达地区 | 农户 | 融资环境 | 民间借贷 | The Developed Region | Farmer Households | Financing Environment | Informal Finance

基于浙江温岭市农户融资服务调研所得资料,系统研究发达地区农户融资环境。调研结果表明:政府对农户融资给予积极政策,但是政策性农业担保的作用有限;农村合作银行对农户融资给予充分支持,但在信贷资金供给和资金投向两方面均难以满足农户潜在融资需求;超过半数的农户对银行信贷服务的满意度较低;民间自由借贷规模较大且有一定规范性,主要用于农户家庭生活需要;营利性民间借贷在相当程度上满足了部分非传统农户的融资需求。得出结论:发达地区农户融资政策环境、货币环境较宽松,但需要通过改进农村正规金融信贷服务能力、发展新型农村商业性金融机构、创新农户融资担保机制来进一步优化发达地区农户融资环境。Abased the detailed investigation in Wenglin City, Zhejiang Province, the paper analyzed farmers’ financing environment in the developed region. The results showed that the government provided positive policy, but policy-oriented agricultural guarantee has only limited effect. Rural cooperative bank provided sufficient capital support, but still couldn’t meet to farmers’ potential financing needs. More than half of farmer households had low satisfaction of bank’s credit service. With the feature of certain large scale and some normalization, for-cooperation informal finance mainly used for farmer households’ family life needs. For-profit informal finance met some of non-traditional farmer households’ financing needs in some degree. The paper concluded that policy environment and currency environment of farmer households’ financing are more tolerant, but need to further optimize farmer households’ financing environment in the developed region. Some innovative thoughts also put forward in the paper, such as improving formal finance credit service abil-ity, developing new rural commercial financial institutions, innovating farmer households’ financing guaran-tee mechanism.

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