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橡胶沥青混凝土路面性能研究 Research on the Performance of Road-Use Asphalt Rubber Concrete

Author(s): 邹勇

Journal: Advances in Porous Flow
ISSN 2164-5639

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 24;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 橡胶沥青混凝土 | 配合比设计 | 高温性能 | Rubber Asphalt Concrete | Mixture Ratio Design | High Temperature Performance

本文通过比较详细的室内试验,不同的配合比设计,对橡胶沥青混凝土进行了车辙试验、冻融劈裂试验、浸水马歇尔试验。通过试验发现轮胎橡胶粉能显著提高沥青混合料的高温性能,轮胎橡胶粉掺量的大小是影响混合料高温性能最主要的因素,轮胎橡胶粉掺量越高,混合料的高温性能越好,这些性能将为其实际施工及应用提供参考依据。 In this paper, a more detailed laboratory test, Different mix proportion design Rubber asphalt concrete rutting test, Freeze-thaw splitting test, Immersion Marshall Test were performed. The results show that tire rubber powder can significantly improve high-temperature asphalt mixture performance. The volume of the tire rubber powder dosage is the most important factor that affects the high temperature properties of the mixture. The higher the tire rubber powder dosage, the better high temperature properties of the mixture. The performance will provide a reference for its actual construction and application.
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