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复杂电磁环境下光电干扰信号强度等级划分初探 Research on the Ranking of Electro-Optic Interference Signal Intensity in Complex EME

Author(s): 高俊光 | 薛飞 | 潘毅佳

Journal: Optoelectronics
ISSN 2164-5450

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 16;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: 复杂电磁环境 | 光电干扰 | 信号强度 | 等级划分 | Complex EME | Electro-Optic Interference | Signal Intensity | Ranking

本文在分析光电干扰基本原理的基础上,提出了激光有源干扰信号、红外有源干扰信号等光电干扰信号强度划分的方法,可在今后光电观瞄设备和光电制导武器训练任务中,指导构建不同强度的光电干扰信号环境,以考核复杂电磁环境下光电观瞄设备和光电制导武器对不同干扰信号强度的抗干扰能力。 Firstly, this paper introduces the elementary principle of electro-optic interference, and then it provides the ranking method of the electro-optic interference signal intensity such as Laser active interference signal, IR active interference, signal interference, and so forth. This method will be beneficial to construct the electro-optic interference signal environment with different intensity and examine the counter-interference capability of electro-optic observa-tion-aiming devices and electro-optic PGMs to different interference signal intensity in complex EME.
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