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纳米银的研究进展 Research Progress of Nanosilver

Author(s): 钟浩权 | 叶伟杰 | 王小英 | 孙润仓

Journal: Hans Journal of Nanotechnology
ISSN 2161-086X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 50;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 纳米银 | 制备方法 | 应用 | Nanosilver | Preparation Method | Application

本文介绍了纳米银材料的制备方法,主要包括化学还原法,物理还原法和生物还原法等。化学还原法是将硝酸银和硫酸银等银盐和适当的还原剂在液相中作用,所制得的纳米银粒度小、重现性好。物理还原方法以光量子还原法和微波还原法为主,具有高效、无滞后效应等特点。生物还原法是利用生物资源或天然材料来制备纳米银,其原料来源广泛、绿色环保、反应条件温和,具有很大的发展潜力。本文还综述了纳米银在热学、光学、电学、力学等方面的优越特性和其较强的催化活性以及抗菌性能,并展望了纳米银在未来的发展方向。 This article introduces the preparation method of nanosilver material, including chemical reduction, physical reduction and biological reduction. In chemical reduction, the silver nitrate or silver sulfate and reducing agent react in the liquid phase, which can make the nanosilver with small size and good reproducibility. Physical reduction includes optical quantum reduction and microwave reduction, it has high efficiency and no hysteresis effects. Biological reduction is the use of biological resources or natural materials for preparation of nanosilver, it shows great potential because of broad raw materials and green and mild reaction conditions. Moreover, the paper reviews the superior characteristics of nanosilver in thermal, optical, electrical, mechanical field, as well as its strong catalytic activity and antimicrobial properties. At last, we prospect the future development of nanosilver.
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