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RESEARCHING ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES: H istory and H eritage in the classroom.

Author(s): Flávia Eloisa Caimi | Francielle Moreira Cassol

Journal: Entrever : Revista das Licenciaturas
ISSN 2237-6674

Volume: 2;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 278;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: History’s teaching | Archeology | Patrimonial Education.

This study dialogs with the patrimonial education theme, questioning about methodological potentialities of the scholarship History to contemplate proposals that aim to educate the students towards the recognition and respect of the cultural patrimony and, as consequence, to a solid historical formation. The premise taken as initial point is the one that says that the History, as scholastic discipline responsible for the production of the knowledge about how societies had responded to their time challenges, is made through determinate cognitive operations and information researching/organization practices, at last, as active and reflexive intellectual activity. From this premise, was developed a didactical sequence in two public school sixth grade classes which central purpose was the simulation of an archeological site excavation, followed by a conjunct of operational procedures inherent to the archeology practices, reproducing laboratorial activities as separation, cleaning, labeling, hypothesis survey and information systemization. The interventional research has demonstrated the students involvement with the historical knowledge production, as they became the protagonists of the class; the solid absorption of the specific concepts of the theme object study; the comprehension at the historic knowledge results from research practices and procedures, approaching themselves to the historical method; and, at last, the understanding that the vestiges of the human interactions in the past have a value in the contemporary world, what qualify them to recognize these vestiges/evidences potentialities in the historical and cultural patrimony construction.
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