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Researching Interplay between 3D-Materials and Young Children in Socio-Cultural Contexts

Author(s): Biljana C. Fredriksen

Journal: Techne Series : Research in Sloyd Education and Craft Science A
ISSN 1238-9501

Volume: 18;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2011;
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This text presents empirical and interpretative methodological inquiry in a study of young children’s interplay with three-dimensional (3D) materials in early childhood educational settings. Recent acknowledgement of young children as competent individuals challenges forms of research with them. Respecting their views and competence demands that they are treated as actors and not objects of research. At the same time, young children are vulnerable and need to be protected from harm, for example when they use tools. This combination of children’s competence and vulnerability challenges research ethics and methods. This article discusses the following question: How to conduct ethical and valid research in sloyd education with young children?The study was carried out in a Norwegian Early Childhood Education Centre, ECEC, using a multiple case study approach. To be able to understand young children’s experiences, the researcher positioned herself inside the educational contexts taking the role of an A/R/T-ographer. Ten case contexts were conducted, in which pairs of different children played with 3D-materials. The cases were filmed and the video-material was analyzed both contextually and in a cross-case manner.Keywords: method, sloyd, early childhood education, video observation, three-dimensional materialsURN:NBN:no-29956
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