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Resolving indoor-air problems

Author(s): Thomas Schneider

Journal: SJWEH Supplements
ISSN 1795-9926

Issue: 4;
Start page: 25;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: multidisciplinary team | indoor-air problem | symptom | indoor air | symptom reporting | process | problem solving

Indoor-air problems can have a multitude of causes and can become manifest in a range of outcome profiles. The use of well-defined terminology and a conceptual model of the symptom-reporting process facilitates cooperation in teams working to solve indoor-air problems. A stepwise approach to problem identification and problem solving should be used. Recommended practical strategies for problem solving are usually empirically based in the absence of scientific documentation of effectiveness. Documenting that a given solution in a specific case really works is a great challenge. Complaints about poor indoor-air quality are not merely resolved by a technical analysis and on the realization of recommendations for solutions. Enterprises successful with problem solving have been found to be characterized by having had a participative approach having been systematic and perseverant in their action, and having invested in information and communication. In particular, a multidisciplinary problem-solving team was essential.
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