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Resource Optimization Using XML

Author(s): Gaurav Kumar

Journal: BVICAM's International Journal of Information Technology
ISSN 0973-5658

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Optimization | XML | Web Development | Database.

Extensible Markup Language [XML] database is one of thehot areas of research now days. Number of developers andresearch organizations are working on the capabilities andefficiency of using Extensible Markup Language [XML]database because of its unique structure and processingspeed. In any web based database search, there is need of aserver side script as well as back-end RDBMS [RelationalDatabase Management System]. Generally SQL [StructuredQuery Language] is used for querying the database.Moreover, the web hosting cost is also very high in variousplans using these technologies. XML has an exceptionalfeature to be used as a database as well as a document. XMLdocument is generally formatted using CSS [Cascading StyleSheets] or XSL [Extensible Stylesheet Language.In this research work, we have compared the capability andefficiency of XML as a database rather than a simple webdocument. This work is dedicated to the competence of PHP[Hypertext Preprocessor] and XML over PHP and MYSQL.In our results, we have proved that XML is giving goodresults rather than MYSQL.

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