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A Review of Ecosystem Service Studies: Concept, Approach and Future Work in Korea

Author(s): Hojeong Kang | Min Gon Chung

Journal: Journal of Ecology and Environment
ISSN 2287-8327

Volume: 36;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Ecosystem Service | Social-ecological systems | Human well-being | Mapping | Valuation | Trade-off

In South Korea, the conflict between development and conservation policy still exist among government ministries, andconventional development plan often has priority over conservation policy. Establishment of sustainable developmentand comprehensive management policy employing the results of ecosystem service studies are highly warranted, butresearchers in South Korea are still limited and often misuse the concept of ecosystem services. Thus, we aimed to introducethe concept of Ecosystem Service (ES) and related terminologies such as Social-Ecological Systems (SESs), ecosystemfunction, trade-off, and human well-being in this paper. Additionally, this article reviewed and arranged key approachesin ES studies as follows: 1) field works, 2) mapping ecosystem services, 3) valuing ES, 4) quantifying trade-offsbetween ES and 5) understanding SESs. Based on those results, we suggest that field works for basic information havethe first priority to be conducted among ES studies. Once basic information is sufficiently accumulated, researchers canperform applied ES research with accuracy. Finally, results of ES studies conducted by five approaches allow decisionmakers to consider both natural system and society simultaneously, and hence the results can be utilized for sustainabledevelopment and conservation policy based on ecosystem-based management.
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